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Austin Brothers Fence Company - About Us


"I can't tell you how great it was to find these two brothers. Not only did they do an amazing job at a fantastic price, but they are incredibly kind and genuinely caring individuals."

Austin Brothers Fence Co. was founded in 2012 by two brothers, Nate & Jeff, who've done just about everything together since birth.  From tormenting their siblings to building a business, they've always worked together, and they still get along!

Fencing has been a huge part of their lives.  If you don't count selling shiny rocks to the neighborhood kids, both brothers started their working careers as teenagers with their uncle's fence company.  They worked there for years, holding various positions from storage yard cleanup, to design & manufacturing, to sales & installation.  After 8 years, Nate branched off to help a friend start his own fencing company. 

Austin Brothers Fence Installation.png

In 2012, Nate & Jeff decided to start their own fence installation company, and they did it right from the ground up.  After putting their meager savings into an old truck, a trailer, and the basic tools needed, they started selling and installing fences in Austin. 

Within less than a year, the demand for a fence from the Austin Brothers outpaced their ability to handle everything alone, and the growth started!

By early 2014, the Austin Brothers had hired and trained their first fence installation crews and office employees.

As demand continued to grow, the brothers made a conscious decision to remain involved in day-to-day operations, while also working to grow and improve the company's ability to offer an unmatched service and fence installation experience for its clients. 


Jeff focused on vetting, hiring, and managing more fence installation crews, making it possible to deliver on over 500 projects a year without sacrificing quality. Nate created an informative website and a simple, efficient fence installation quoting process, allowing a small office staff to quickly respond to dozens of quote requests every day.

Austin Brothers Fence Installation 2.png

Now after a decade in business, Austin Brothers Fence Company consistently delivers a no-haggle, simple, and honest sales & project preparation experience, followed by unmatched installation quality. None of this would be possible without all of our fantastic clients, the reliability of our incredible office staff, and the unwavering dedication of our fence installers. Get to know more about all of us below!



Administrative Assistant

Abby is likely the first person you'll talk to when you reach out to us, and she'll be your main contact throughout estimating, scheduling, and installation. She's highly organized, and uniquely equipped to keep you updated and informed as she moves your project along our process pathway towards installation.

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Co-Owner & Project Manager

Nate is the older of the Austin Brothers (better looking, smarter, kinder, the creator and editor of this site, etc., etc.). From initial phone consultation to a beautiful new fence, Nate will be your main point of contact the whole way. With over 25 years of experience in the fence installation industry, you can be confident you're dealing with an expert.

Screen Shot 2021-08-30 at 2.22.57 PM.png

Co-Owner & Project Manager

Jeff is the younger of the Austin Brothers. From initial phone consultation to a beautiful new fence, Jeff will be your main point of contact the whole way. He [hesitantly] accepts the title of Certified Neighbor Relations Mediator, which he's acquired after 10 years of successfully maintaining the peace while working between properties.

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