"I can't tell you how great it was to find these two brothers. Not only did they do an amazing job at a fantastic price, but they are incredibly kind and genuinely caring individuals."

Austin Brothers Fence Co. was founded in 2012 by two brothers, Nate & Jeff, who've done just about everything together since birth.  From tormenting their siblings to building a business, they've always worked together.


Fencing has been a huge part of their lives.  If you don't count selling shiny rocks to the neighborhood kids, both brothers started their working careers as teenagers with their uncle's fence company, R&L Fence & Deck, in Kaysville, UT.  They worked there for years, holding various positions from storage yard cleanup, to design & manufacturing, to sales & installation.  After 8 years, Nate branched off to help a friend start his own fencing company. 

In 2011, Nate & Jeff decided to return to their home state of Texas to start their own fencing business, and they did it right from the ground up.  After purchasing an old truck, a trailer, and the basic tools needed, they started selling and installing fences in Austin.  They worked hard and they worked smart, quickly gaining a reputation as honest, perfectionistic, trustworthy professionals.  One customer had an unusual (but flattering) way of describing his experience:

 "I knew who was around my home at all times during the job, and felt very comfortable having my family at home while I was gone.  I'm pretty sure I'd let either Nate or Jeff babysit."  - Justin M. 

By early 2014, the Austin Brothers had hired and trained their first installation crew, and by 2018 the company was successfully handling over 500 projects a year, despite intentionally remaining an owner operated business. Today, Nate & Jeff remain deeply involved in estimating and project management, aided by a small, diverse office staff we couldn't be more proud of.


We all feel so fortunate to work in such an incredible place and we're so appreciative of all the great people we've met and worked with since opening our doors.  Thank you to everyone who's inspired us, helped us, and hired us!