A new fence is an investment that should hold its value and function properly as long as possible.  Whether you're looking for a bit of privacy in your back yard or you'd like a decorative addition to your front yard, it's important that your fence does it's job long term.  With all the material options, installation techniques, and fence contractors out there, approaching a new fence project can be daunting.  When it comes to fence construction, not all options are equally suited to fit your needs. 


We're here to help, and we're willing to offer advice that can help you find a fence - and a contractor - that fits what you're looking for.  We hope you'll see the value of an Austin Brothers Fence, and we're confident you'll be happiest with the finished product if we're given the opportunity to work with you.


Feel free to browse our blog posts for a detailed look at factors to consider when determining the fence and the fence company you choose.  We hope it helps as you approach your project!


Austin Brothers Fence Company is committed to building the longest lasting, best looking fences while providing unrivaled customer service and honest pricing.  We build fences that'll last a lifetime and we back them up with unmatched warranty service.  We're gaining quite the reputation for it!  Head over to our review page to see what our customers are saying.  We're confident in saying that there's no better fence company in Austin!


Here's what a recent customer had to say about our work compared to that of other companies:

"We are very happy with the fence, and the service was great!  We have a very long backyard with lots of fence, and over the years we've had different fence companies replace portions. The work your crew did is by far the most superior portion of our fencing now."                  - Makenzie


Hiring a Fence Company: What to Expect

The best, most reliable fence companies are not the cheapest. Even when their location is marked and proper precautions are taken, underground wires, pipes, and sprinkler systems are hit on a regular basis when digging post holes. Private propane lines, cable lines, internet lines, and sprinkler systems are not marked by 811 (free marking service), so be prepared to have those repaired if necessary. Because it's not possible to find the location of sprinkler pipes or water mains, most companies do not cover the cost of repair. We offer to take care of the repair if you've purchased Sprinkler Insurance for $55, so be sure to ask us about adding that to your contract. We know you value your

Rule #1 in Austin Fencing: Dig Deep

Digging in Austin is rough work. Our community is built on a few inches of top soil...and then ROCK. Lots of rock. If a fence contractor doesn't have the right tools for digging through that rock you'll end up with shallow post holes, and that spells disaster for you and your family; entire sections of your fence can collapse during minor wind storms, or even from normal use. Austin Brothers Fence company has all the tools necessary to hammer our way through the rock and guarantee holes 18 - 24 inches in depth (or deeper for taller fences), and we promise we'll always do so. Another important aspect of a post hole is it's width. Some Austin fence companies dig deep, but narrow post hole

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