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Nothing more fun than a casino by the sea

Wherever in the world you live and work, no more fun gambling outing than a casino by the sea. And the great thing is that, as a Dutch expat, you are at your beck and call. Many of the world's finest casinos can be found on the coast and by the beach. We list a few for you.

Casinos on the Cote d'Azur

Casino by the sea?Everyone probably thinks first of the Mediterranean coast of France when looking for a casino by the sea. Monaco is by the sea, of course, but also a little further away in Nice you can find plenty of gambling on the famous Promenade des Anglais which is located on the beach and overlooks the sea.

Also in Cannes you will find the Casino Barrière, among others, and here too that casino is located by the sea. On the famous Boulevard de la Croisette to be exact. Gambling by the sea, flip-flops, easy chair and maybe even a cocktail in hand!

Casino by the sea in northern France and Belgium

If you're a little further east in France, be sure to visit the casino at Deauville in Normandy. This casino is a stylish but at the same time huge casino in the belle époque style before World War I. A little further south, you can also enjoy an excellent casino on the coast in Biarritz. The coast famous for its huge waves that attract surfers from all over the world.

Going a little further north and driving across the border with Belgium, you will find almost all of that country's Flemish casinos on or near the North Sea coast, including in Knokke. So finding a seaside casino in Belgium is no problem either.

Casinos in Spain and Italy

When people think beach and sea, they think of Spain and Italy with their long coastlines. You can gamble in Spain at Casino Barcelona and Casino Mediterráneo Alicante, for example. Also in Santander you will find a beautiful casino near the coast. In Italy, you will find the Casino of San Remo not far from the beach and, of course, both casinos in Venice are not far from the water either.

Casino by the sea in the United States

There may be plenty of sand around Las Vegas, but beach and sea are a few hundred miles away. If you really want to have the casinos within walking distance of the coast, then you actually have to go to Atlantic City in the US. Near the classic boardwalk, you will find plenty of gambling fun there. Famous names include the Hard Rock Hotel Casino, the Tropicana and the Golden Nugget Hotel, Casino & Marina. Whichever casino you choose, the Atlantic Ocean is nowhere far away.

Macau on the coast

In Asia, the most famous casino destination is, of course, Macau. Located on the South China Sea, its numerous casinos are close to the sea. Nevertheless, there are only a few casinos that are really on the water, such as the Legend Palace Casino and the Casino Babylon Macau. By the way, the shore there is not really beautiful either with mostly stone and views of the bridge.

Casino by the sea or casino on the sea?

By the way, you can go even further than a casino by the sea. How about a casino on the sea? In fact, nowadays you can embark on cruise ships in many places that have top-class casinos on board. In port those casinos are often still closed, but on the open sea the doors open.

Looking for your favorite casino at sea?

These are just some examples for inspiration. Wherever possible, casino operators apparently tend to put their gambling palaces by the sea. Somehow the beach and water sports feel combine well with gambling. Therefore, I am sure that the above overview is far from complete. High time to check out the beach casinos in the country where you live and work.

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