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Hiring a Fence Company: What to Expect

  • Even when their location is marked and proper precautions are taken, underground wires, pipes, and sprinkler systems are hit on a regular basis when digging post holes. Private propane lines, cable lines, internet lines, and sprinkler systems are not marked by 811 (free marking service), so be prepared to have those repaired if necessary. Because it's not possible to find the location of sprinkler pipes or water mains, most companies do not cover the cost of repair. We do, up to $250.

  • We know you value your grass and plants. While we take extra steps to minimize foot traffic and the impact of machinery on your property, in some cases it will occur. We recommend that you relocate any vulnerable potted plant life prior to your start date. If you have any tree limbs that cross the plane of your desired fence line, it's recommended that you hire a tree trimming company to take care of those prior to your fence installation.

  • Digging post-holes in the ground produces a LOT of extra dirt and rocks. If you'd like it all hauled away, let us know and we'll be more than happy to include that in your bid. Otherwise, simply let us know where you'd like it on your property and we'll put it there.

  • Texas weather is unpredictable. Both rain and blistering heat can slow down the progress on your project. We'll always check in and update you on the expected finish date of your project, but you can save yourself a lot of stress by scheduling your install weeks, even months, before you NEED it finished. We do not work on a set schedule, we work on a set standard of quality and we avoid rushing that to meet deadlines. Some companies may promise to start or finish projects by certain dates, but we hesitate to do so unless the date offers generous completion time. This guarantees that our quality standards are never compromised.


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