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Rule #1 in Austin Fencing: Dig Deep

Digging in Austin is rough work. Our community is built on a few inches of top soil...and then ROCK. Lots of rock. If a fence contractor doesn't have the right tools for digging through that rock you'll end up with shallow post holes, and that spells disaster for you and your family; entire sections of your fence can collapse during minor wind storms, or even from normal use.

Austin Brothers Fence company has all the tools necessary to hammer our way through the rock and guarantee holes 18 - 24 inches in depth (or deeper for taller fences), and we promise we'll always do so.

Another important aspect of a post hole is it's width. Some Austin fence companies dig deep, but narrow post holes; this will lead to the exact same issues mentioned above. At Austin Brothers Fence Company, all of our installation professionals dig post holes that are three times the width of the posts being used.

The combination of proper depth and width means your fence will resist the natural movement of Austin's soil (clay) for much longer, and that means an incredible looking fence for years to come!

Check out this video from one of the Austin Brother's original projects. The company that installed the fence we ripped out cost our customer a fence replacement about 5 years before it should've been necessary:


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